Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation

The Foundation at Kumeyaay is a 501(c)3 non-profit fundraising organization which was created to raise money for needed educational programs at Kumeyaay that are not funded by the school district. We work with the school, parents, the local community, and small and large businesses to support Kumeyaay Elementary.

What We Do

The Foundation is solely responsible for providing funding so that Kumeyaay students receive alternate weekly instruction in a YMCA led P.E. program and a music class. The Foundation also funds the Fine Artists Program, where our children learn about famous artists and experiment with fine-art techniques.

As a parent or guardian of a student at Kumeyaay, you are automatically a member of the Foundation. The Foundation has a volunteer Board of Directors that is comprised of parents elected to positions. While the board meets in closed executive sessions we also hold open meetings to discuss current activities and issues of interest for parents. Look for upcoming meeting dates and times in the NWAK, our weekly e-newsletter. Please come and learn more about what is happening at Kumeyaay. We would love to see you!

Our mission is to unite parents, educators, and our community
in the goal of enriching the academic experience of all students at Kumeyaay Elementary.

All donations made to the Kumeyaay Foundation goes directly back to our students.

Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day.


Our music program is run by Lisa Solis. Mrs. Solis has develop a music program that is educational, enriching, and encourages a community experience with the study of beat, rhythm, pitch, melody and tempo.

Music provides a unique experience and thus, a unique contribution to intellectual development.  This is what sets music education apart and makes it exceptional.  Music provides meaningful experiences that help to create excited learners.
Students learn and discover about music through active music making. Activities in the music program should develop the musical skills of performing, listening and analyzing, and creating.

*Students will know the structure of music: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, form, and timbre.
*Students will demonstrate skills in the musical actions of performing, listening, and analyzing, and creating.
*Students will become more musically independent.
*Students will learn and become exposed to music from various cultures and styles.
*Students will gain respect for others.
*Students will develop their creative and critical thinking skills.

Fine Art

Kumeyaay’s Fine Artists Program is designed so every student gets to create and take home six works of art inspired by some of the most celebrated and iconic artists. Students have completed lessons inspired by Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Georgia O’Keeffe, and Vincent Van Gogh among many others

The program is led by creator and local artist Kathleen Kane-Murrell. Each year, Kathleen designs grade-appropriate lessons that utilize a variety of techniques while showcasing a famous artist.

Foundation funds support our artist-in-residence, Kathleen, plus pay for all art supplies


The YMCA PE Program promotes healthy and active lifestyles, while instilling positive values through structured, cooperative, and fun activities. 

• 60 minute physical education program

• Prepares students for the Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) starting in 5th grade

• Gives students the opportunity to interact with each other and strengthen self-esteem, social skills, team work, and sportsmanship.

• Aids in the prevention of childhood obesity and diabetes by providing students with physically activity and education on healthy lifestyle.

Teacher Grants

The Foundation wants to support our teachers in as many ways that we can. One of those ways is to provide Teacher Grants. 1-2 times a year we gift the teachers funds for them to buy much needed supplies to give our children the best learning experience possible. The grant amount varies depending on how much money is raised through our fundraisers.

Executive Board Members

President Allison Elliott

Allison Elliott

VP Of Programs Keri Robbins

Keri Robbins
VP Of Programs

VP of Community Relations Deanne Bowman

Deanne Bowman
VP Of Community Relations

Treasurer Kristi Langenderfer

Kristi Langenderfer

Rebecca Zweig

Fundraising Manager Linda Soimany

Linda Soimany
Fundraising Manager

What We Have Done

In addition to funding Physical Education, Music and Art instruction for all students, the Foundation supports the school in other areas. Here are some of the projects undertaken since 2015.

:: Campus Beautification- Volunteers painted a butterfly mural in the center of campus and 2 coyote murals on the playground wall ball walls. We also purchased fence cups that say “Coyote Pride” that were put along the playground fence.

:: New Sound System—State of the art sound system, speakers and microphones for use at all Tribal Meetings and other school-wide events, such as the Halloween Parade and the Annual Variety Show.

:: Library Renovation—Complete overhaul of the library including new furniture, carpet, tile floor, window treatments, paint and reading nook; professional artists created murals and more. Over 1500 new books gifted through a partnership with Barnes and Noble.

:: Expansion of School Garden—Our community garden built drought-resistant wicking beds, provided a pumpkin seedling for each student to take home, and implemented the Garden to Table program.

:: Classroom Grants—Funds for each classroom to cover materials that otherwise the teacher would purchase, training opportunities to better support curriculum instruction, and subscriptions to Scholastic news magazine.

:: Staff Lounge Make-Over—Renovation of staff lounge including new paint, reading area, and art mural.

With Your Help We Can Reach Our Goal of $120000

Fundraising Programs