Donate to the Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation

Please use the yellow donate button to quickly and easily donate money to the Kumeyaay Elementary School Foundation. Donations collected on this website are processed safely and securely by Paypal.

Fundraising Programs

There are several easy ways to help raise $$ for Kumeyaay Elementary, just by doing your everyday shopping. Please encourage family and friends to enroll in some of the programs listed below, too–everyone can participate, and every little bit helps!

Coyote Giving Campaign

What is the Coyote Giving Campaign (CGC)? The PTF is asking all families to consider a donation this year in lieu of major fundraisers. Although we hope to safely reinstate some activities in the spring, pivoting towards a giving campaign will jump start our operating budget. Funds will be directed towards supporting our students, as well as our teachers by not taking important teaching time away from the classroom for other fundraising activities. Furthermore, unlike traditional fundraisers where we incur expenses, the school nets 100% of the money raised by this campaign, so all of the money goes right back to the school. Our goal is to create a simple platform for you to maximize the effects for our children.

Please help us reach our fundraising goal of $66,000

Amazon Shopping

Shopping at is an easy way to earn $$ for Kumeyaay Elementary! Click on the link below, and 6% to 8% of your purchase will go to support our school. There is no sign up, and you don’t need to register a credit card. Access through the link below and shop as you normally would. It is that easy!

Kumeyaay will only benefit from purchases if you go through our link below, so click on the link and START SHOPPING!

Save it as a FAVORITE and shop from there every time!

Shop on Amazon

Box Tops

Box Tops and Labels for Education are “free” money and a way the kids can get involved in helping out the school. Thank you for taking the time to help them. It really makes a difference!

Company Matching

Does the company you work for have a matching gift program? We have several families whose employers match their contributions dollar for dollar. Please let us know if we can assist with the matching process.